Case Study

Unifying Voices for Sustainable Agriculture: Strategy Summary Synthesis


Canola Council, Pulse Canada, Cereals Canada


In response to the urgent need for sustainable agricultural practices, six prominent agricultural groups—Cereals Canada, Canadian Canola Growers Association, Canola Council of Canada, Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada, Pulse Canada, and Grain Growers of Canada—submitted their strategies to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). These submissions were pivotal in shaping the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy (SAS). Burr Forest Group (BFG) was entrusted with the critical task of summarizing these diverse submissions into a coherent document that encapsulates a unified strategy for sustainability, ensuring the groups’ collective voice informs and influences the national agenda.

The Challenge

The diversity of perspectives and strategies presented by the six agricultural groups underscored the challenge for BFG. Each organization brought unique insights and priorities to the table, making it imperative to capture the essence of each submission while weaving together a narrative that resonated with the common goal of sustainability. The overarching aim was to produce a document that would guide policymakers and stakeholders through a consolidated view of the agriculture industry’s vision for a sustainable future.

The Burr Forest Group Approach

In-Depth Analysis

BFG embarked on a comprehensive review of the SAS discussion paper to understand the foundational objectives laid out by AAFC.

Selective Synthesis

Analysts at BFG meticulously read through the submissions, extracting key points and identifying thematic overlaps that could forge a consensus among the varying strategies.

Strategic Summarization

Harnessing the expertise of its in-house specialists, BFG condensed the submissions into a six-page document that was rich in content yet clear in its message.

Expert Validation

The draft document underwent a stringent review by BFG’s experts to ensure the final product accurately represented the collective view and met the standards of all parties involved.


The delivery of the synthesized strategy document marked a significant milestone in the dialogue on sustainable agriculture within Canada. It served not only as a testament to BFG’s analytical and synthesis skills but also as an essential tool for AAFC and the contributing groups to use in advancing sustainable practices.

The project further established BFG as a key contributor to national agricultural policy discussions, demonstrating their capacity to facilitate complex, multi-stakeholder engagements. This endeavor reflected BFG’s commitment to the development and promotion of sustainable agriculture, showcasing their role in shaping a collaborative and environmentally conscious future for the industry.


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